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Wilhelm Reich Museum

Other Print Material

The Museum sells the widest assortment of Reich’s published writings available anywhere. For those who are curious or just learning about Reich and may need some assistance in choosing materials, please take a look at our Bookstore Recommendations.

In addition to the book and journal titles available from the Wilhelm Reich Museum Bookstore, the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust offers a number of legal documents, articles, scientific tracts, and other print materials related to Wilhelm Reich and the science of orgonomy. Here you will find titles separated into three categories:

  1. Legal documents related to the case United States of America vs. the Wilhelm Reich Foundation, Wilhelm Reich, and Michael Silvert;

  2. Articles by Reich (some being book chapters, some being articles from journals and research bulletins written by Wilhelm Reich, and others being stand-alone documents authored by Wilhelm Reich);

  3. Published materials about the orgone energy accumulator, including plans for the construction of an orgone energy accumulator and collections of Reich's writings on the subject; and,

  4. Other print materials relevant to orgonomy and Wilhelm Reich, but not authored by Wilhelm Reich.

In addition, here you will find copies of The Oranur Experiment (originally published as Orgone Energy Bulletin, Vol. 3, Number 4) and The Einstein Affair (which comprises a collection of the protocols, correspondence and experimental documentation involved in the interaction between Wilhelm Reich and Albert Einstein) for sale. For more information, select a category or title below for a description of the title/titles available and, when possible, scanned PDF copies of selections of the text.

Articles by Reich

The Einstein Affair

Laboratory Manual for Bion Experiments

The Oranur Experiment

Legal Documents

Orgonomic Diagnosis of Cancer Biopathy

Published Materials About the Orgone Energy Accumulator

Other Print Materials

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