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Orgone Energy Bulletin

Bound Photocopy (all five volumes): $ 110.00
Also available individually. See above the Table of Contents for each individual issue (listed below).

The Orgone Energy Bulletin was published from 1949 to 1953, with its five volumes comprising over 900 pages. The inaugural issue began with a brief introduction to the Orgone Energy Bulletin which reads as follows:

"The Bulletin is issued by the teaching and research staff of the Orgone Institute and the Orgone Institute Research Laboratories Inc. (a non-profit organization). The purpose of this publication is:

  • To inform the public on the progress made in experimental and theoretical research in the field of cosmic orgone energy.

  • To report on the advances made in the field of medical application of orgone energy in diseases such as the cancer biopathy, high blood pressure, schizophrenia and biopathic diseases in general.

  • To keep the public up to date on such matters as are of public concern and in the interest of the public.

  • To give regular reports on the major obstacles which we encounter in performing our professional duties as researchers, physicians, educators, social workers and administrators of human health.

  • To publish factual and financial reports from the files of the Orgone Institute.

  • To publish letters of public interest together with the answers we are able to give; and in general to accomplish whatever appears necessary to help the public enjoy the beneficial effects of orgone energy.

It will be up to the public and its responsible agencies to learn to understand this new branch of natural science and medicine and to use it practically, to help it along on its way, and to protect it against what is evil in man’s character structure."

Note: Two issues of the Orgone Energy Bulletin are sold separately and are not included in the purchase price of the Orgone Energy Bulletin:

| Vol. 1 | Vol. 2 | Vol. 3 | Vol. 4 | Vol. 5 | 


Orgone Energy Bulletin

Volume 1, Numbers 1-4 (1949)

Bound photocopy: $26.95

Read an excerpt [PDF]

Volume 1 - Number 1 – January 1949

"Introducing the Orgone Energy Bulletin"

"Orgonotic Light Functions. 1. Searchlight Phenomena in the Orgone Envelope of the Earth" (1942-1944) by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"A Motor Force in Orgone Energy. Preliminary Communications"

"My Experiences With The Orgone Accumulator" by Walter Hoppe, M.D.

"The First Orgonomic Conference at Orgonon, August 30 to September 3, 1948" by Myron Sharaf, B.A.

"A Dangerous Tendency in Contemporary Thought" by Myron Sharaf

Orgonomy: A Threat
A Warning
Note Regarding Rumors
Notes Regarding the Use of the Orgone Accumulator

The Cancer Biopathy
Listen, Little Man!
The Sexual Revolution
Emotional Plague versus Orgone Biophysics by Theodore P. Wolfe

"List of Directors of the Orgone Institute Research Laboratories"

Volume 1 - Number 2 – April 1949

"Orgonotic Light Functions. 2. An X-Ray Photograph of the Excited Orgone Energy Field of the Palms (1944) by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"The Second Law of Thermodynamics and the Orgone Accumulator: by R.H. Atkins

"Use of a Male Dummy in Medical Orgone Therapy" by James A. Willie, M.D.

"The Marlboro Incident" by Chester Raphael, M.D.

"Orgonomic Movement: The Founding of the American Association the Medical Orgonomy"

Questions Regarding Orgone and the Orgone Accumulator
Increase of Orgonotic Irradiation Effect by Fatty Substances
Some Basic Principles of Our Social Attitude
A Psychoanalytic Dilemma
Bionous disintegration in wood. A letter to the Editor

The Meeting of East and West by F.S.C. Northrop
Psychotherapy--Practice and Theory by Charles Berg


Volume 1 - Number 3 - July 1949

"Orgonotic Light Functions. 3. Further Physical Characteristics of Vacor Lumination (1948)" by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"The Treatment of a Mediastinal Malignancy with the Orgone Accumulator" by Simeon J. Tropp, M.D.

"Public Responsibility in the Early Diagnosis of Cancer"

"Reactions to the First Orgonomic Conference" by A.E. Hamilton

"A Dilemma in Social Self-Government"

"Orgonomic Lectures from January 1948 to Date"

On Criticism of the Critic
A Clarification
From the Orgone Institute
Questions and Answers Regarding the Orgone Accumulator

I Want to Be Like Stalin by B.P Yesipov and N.K. Goncharov
Death Be Not Proud by John Gunther

Volume 1 - Number 4 - October 1949

"Cosmic Orgone Energy and Ether" by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"The Concept of Self-Regulation" by Elsworth F. Baker, M.D.

"Play Problems of a Healthy Child" by Richard Singer, M.D.

"The Impressionists and Orgone Energy" by Alexander Lowen

A Note on Basic Natural-scientific Research
A Letter to the American Medical Association
A Note on Resignation in Birds

The Problem Family by A.S. Neill
Man For Himself by Erich Fromm



Orgone Energy Bulletin

Volume 2, Numbers 1-4 (1950)

Bound photocopy: $26.95

Read an excerpt [PDF]

Volume 2 – Number 1 – January 1950

"Orgonomic Functionalism. Part II On the Historical Development of Orgonomic Functionalism" by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"Further Experiences with the Orgone Accumulator" by Walter Hoppe, M.D. – Tel Aviv

"A Short Treatment with Orgone Therapy" by Ola Raknes, Ph.D. – Oslo, Norway

"Six Clinical Cases" by Victor M. Sobey, M.D.

A Correspondence

Open House at the Orgone Energy Observatory
Note on Report of the Orgonotic Motor Force
Note on Shipping the Orgone Accumulator
Note on Electroscopic Orgonometry
Cancer Course at Orgonon
Orgone Institute Research Laboratories, Ltd., in Israel

Volume 2 – Number 2 – April 1950

"Orgonomic Functionalism. Part II On the Historical Development of Orgonomic Functionalism" (Cont.) by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"About Genital Self-satisfaction in Children" (1927) by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.
Chief assistant physician at the Psychoanalytic Clinic in Vienna

"Self-Regulation and the Outside World" by A.S. Neill

"Orgone Therapy in Rheumatic Fever" by William A. Anderson, M.D. – Bloomfield, N.J.

"Some Observations of the Atmospheric Orgone Energy" by Jakob Baumann – Zurich, Switzerland

Critique of an Attitude Expressed by Anna Freud
Psychology and Natural Science

Questions and Answers Regarding the Orgone Accumulator
A Note on the Responsibility of the Author
Note on the Orgone Accumulator and Orgastic Potency
A Warning
A Rumor
Note on "Critics" Again

New Ways in Discipline: You and Your Child Today by Dorothy Walter Baruch, Ph.D.

Volume 2 – Number 3 – July 1950

"Our Biosocial Base of Operation" by The Wilhelm Reich Foundation

"Orgonomic Functionalism. Part II
On the Historical Development of Orgonomic Functionalism" (Cont.) by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"Wilhelm Reich's Concept, ‘Cancer Biopathy'"
by Helen E. McDonald, Ph.D.

"Orgone Therapy of an Early Breast Cancer" by Simeon J. Tropp, M.D.

"Orgonomic and Chemical Cancer Research – A Brief Comparison"
"Orgonomy 1935-1950 (I) – A Brief Account" by Wilhelm Reich

"Orgonomic Literature Ordered from Russia"

On Scientific "Control"
Our Policy Regarding Cancer
A New Orgonomic Periodical

Cancer – "Outside the Domain"
Re. Koestler: The God That Failed
From the Orgone Institute

Volume 2 – Number 4 – October 1950

"Orgonometric Equations: I. General Form" by Wilhelm Reich

"Meteorological Functions in Orgone-Charged Vacuum Tubes: Preliminary Communication" by Wilhelm Reich

"Children of the Future - I" Report of the Orgonomic Infant Research Center given by Wilhelm Reich at the Second International Orgonomic Conference - August 25, 1950

"Orgone Therapy of Frigidity: A Case History" by Charles I. Oller, M.D.

"The Orgone Energy Observatory (1948)" by Wilhelm Reich

"Wilhelm Reich's Priority in Cancer Tests"

"Correction Regarding a ‘Control' of Reich's Cancer Experiments" 

Orgone Energy Bulletin

Volume 3, Numbers 1-3 (1951)

Bound photocopy: $26.95

Read an excerpt [PDF]

Volume 3 – Number 1 – January 1951

"'Cancer Cells' in Experiment XX"
by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"Great Men in Conflict with the Emotional Plague" by Walter Hoppe, M.D.

"Treatment of a Hypertensive Biopathy with the Orgone Energy Accumulator" by Emanuel Levine, M.D. – Elizabeth, N.J.

"From the History of Science"

"The Orgone Institute Diagnostic Clinic" by Elsworth F. Baker, M.D. – Red Bank, N.J.

"Orgonomic Work in Scandinavia" by Ola Raknes, Ph.D. – Oslo, Norway

"Report on Orgone Energy Accumulators in the U.S.A." by Ilse Ollendorff – Orgonon, Rangeley, Maine

"The Charter of The Wilhelm Reich Foundation"

The Anti-Nuclear Radiation Effect of Cosmic Orgone Energy
Rules to Follow in Basic Research

Volume 3 – Number 2 – April 1951

Preliminary Research Reports by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.
1. "Complete Orgonometric Equations"
2. "The Storm of November 25th and 26th, 1950"
3. "The Leukemia Problem: Approach"

"Limited Surgery in Orgonomic Cancer Therapy" by Simeon J. Tropp, M.D.

"Orgone Treatment During Labor: A Preliminary Report of Two Cases" by Chester M. Raphael, M.D.

"Great Men in Conflict with the Emotional Plague" by Walter Hoppe, M.D.

"Mathematical Questions Without Answers" by R.H. Atkin – Mathematical Physicist, London
"Physical Orgone Therapy of Diabetes" by N. Wevrick, M.D. – Montreal, Canada
"‘Discovery of Life' in Russia"
"Information on Cancer Research"
"A Few Directives in Stormy Social Weather"

Wanderings in the Radiesthetic Field" by A.T. Westlake in The Journal of the British Society of Dowsers, Vol. IV, No. 67, March 1950

Your Child's Mind and Body by Flanders Dunbar, New York: Random House, 1949

Volume 3 – Number 3 – July 1951

"Armoring in a Newborn Infant" by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

Orgone Physics by Wilhelm Reich M.D.
1. "'Dowsing' as an Object of Orgonomic Research (1946)"
2. "Three Experiments with Rubber at the Electroscope (1939)"

"Wilhelm Reich on the Road to Biogenesis (1935-1939)" from the Archives of the Orgone Institute

"Orgonomic Treatment of Ichthyosis" by A. Allan Cott, M.D.

"Orgonotic Functions in a Manic-Depressive Case" by Philip Gold, M.D.

Our Independence
"Air Germs"
Corroboration of Orgone Biophysics 

Note: Volume 3 – Number 4 – October 1951 is available separately as The Oranur Experiment and is not included in the purchase price of the Orgone Energy Bulletin.

Orgone Energy Bulletin

Volume 4, Numbers 1, 3, & 4 (1952)

Bound photocopy: $26.95

Read an excerpt [PDF]

Volume 4 – Number 1 – January 1952

"Orgonomic Functionalism. Part II
On the Historical Development of Orgonomic Functionalism (Cont"d)"
(Orgonomic Thinking in Medicine) by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"From Libido Theory to Orgonomy" by Ola Raknes, Ph.D. – Oslo, Norway

"Genital Anxiety in Nursing Mothers" by Elsworth F. Baker, M.D.

"Some Notes on Art Inspired by Reich" by William Steig

"Causality and Freedom: A Functional Analysis" by Charles R. Kelley

"Observations on a Case of Coronary Occlusion" by Emanuel Levine, M.D.

"On the Medical Use of Orgone Energy"
by Michael Silvert, M.D.

"On the Common Cold: Notes by a Layman Based on Wilhelm Reich"s Concept ‘Orgone Energy Metabolism""
by Arthur Steig

"Observations of Orgone Energy Lumination"
by Werner Grossman – Basel, Switzerland

Science and Common Sense by James B. Conant
New Haven: Yale University Press, 1951

In the Name of Humanity by Joseph Lewis New York: Eugenics Publishing Co., 1949

The Life and Works of D.H. Lawrence by Harry T. Moore New York: Twayne Publishers, 1951

Medical Orgone Therapy in England
Again Regarding Control of Orgone Energy
Quotes from Wilhelm Reich"s "Work Democracy in Action" (1947)

Note: Volume 4 – Number 2 – April 1952 is available separately as Orgonomic Diagnosis of Cancer Biopathy and is not included in the purchase price of the Orgone Energy Bulletin.

Volume 4 – Number 3 – July 1952


  • An Experiment in Social Administration
  • From the Charter of The Wilhelm Reich Foundation (WRF)
  • The Wilhelm Reich Foundation By-Laws
  • Financial Report of the WRF
  • The Scientific Activities of the WRF - Published 1950-1951
  • Two Year Report of the Orgone Institute Press, 1950-1951

"Truth Versus Modju" by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

Volume 4 – Number 4 – October 1952

"DOR Removal and Cloud-busting: Preliminary Communication" by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"Administration of Cosmic Orgone Energy: Regulation of Orgone Energy Accumulator Distribution"

"Orgonomic Functionalism. Part II On the Historical Development of Orgonomic Functionalism (Cont"d)" by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"A Space-Energy Continuum" by R.H. Atkin – London, England

"A Letter" by Ola Raknes, Ph.D. – Oslo, Noway

"Child"s-Eye View of the Orgone Flow"
by A. E. Hamilton


Orgone Energy Bulletin

Volume 5, Numbers 1-2 (1953)

Bound photocopy: $14.00

Read an excerpt [PDF]

Volume 5 – Numbers 1 & 2 – March 1953

"Introductory Note"

"On Laws Needed for the Protection of Life in Newborns and of Truth"
(Text of a proposal made to the Congressional Committee on Foundations of the USA in November 1952 by The Wilhelm Reich Foundation)

"From The Murder of Christ" by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"The Blackening Rocks – Melanor" by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"A Grave Therapeutic Problem" by Elsworth F. Baker, M.D.

"Medical Effects of Orgone Energy" by Kenneth M. Bremer, M.D.

"Modju at Work in Journalism"

"Introduction to the Documentary Volumes on Wilhelm Reich, History of Orgonomy (1897-1952)"

Air Germs

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