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The Wilhelm Reich Museum

Orgonon was the home, laboratory and research center of Wilhelm Reich, M.D., a pioneering psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and scientist. Open to the public as the Wilhelm Reich Museum, Orgonon now comprises 175 acres of fields and forests, the Orgone Energy Observatory, the Conference Building & Office, a bookstore, two rental cottages, and a system of woodland nature trails.

Visitors to the Orgone Energy Observatory are introduced to Reich’s life and work with a half-hour documentary video, exhibits, Reich’s inventions and scientific apparatus, his library and study, and personal memorabilia including his paintings and sculpture. Annual Summer Conferences are held in the Conference Building on various aspects of Reich’s work and their significance for current social, medical and scientific issues. The Museum Bookstore sells the widest selection of Reich’s published work anywhere.

The Wilhelm Reich Museum is also part of the vibrant communities of Rangeley and Oquossoc in the Rangeley Lakes Region of Maine. Recognizing our responsibilities to our local friends and neighbors, our property and facilities are the venue for a myriad of educational, recreational, and social activities.

Please visit and sign up for our Monthly Updates which are excellent resources for concise and accurate information about Orgonon. If you'd like to support our activities, please think about becoming a Friend of the Wilhelm Reich Museum. Your tax-deductable donation helps maintain the Trust, the Museum, and the legacy of Wilhelm Reich.

The Orgone Energy Observatory
Construction on the observatory began in 1948 and was completed in 1950. This structure housed a laboratory, Reich's office and library, as well as Reich's art studio. The Orgone Energy Observatory now contains the majority of the Museum's exhibits.

Purchased in 1942, Orgonon is the home of the Wilhelm Reich Museum. The sign greeting visitors is seen here. In the background is the Student Laboratory, which now serves as the Museum's conference center.

Museum Exhibits
The Wilhelm Reich Museum contains numerous exhibits--including equipment used in the bion experiments, orgone energy accumulators, cloudbusters, various devices for measuring and observing orgone energy, and much more.

Laboratory Equipment
Also on display are number pieces of laboratory equipment--including microscopes and other devices used by Dr. Reich in his many experiments.

The Medical DOR-Buster
The Medical DOR-Buster was a late invention of Dr. Reich's and was used as an adjunct to the orgone energy accumulator to treat some biopathies.

Reich's Office
The second floor of the Museum preserves Dr. Reich's private office. Examples of Reich's artwork and other memorabilia are displayed.

Reich's Library
Dr. Reich was a voracious reader, and his library is preserved at the Museum. Original editions of many of his published works are on display here.

Art Studio
A passionate painter and sculpture, Dr. Reich maintained an artist's studio on the third floor of the observatory. From the third floor, Dr. Reich had spectacular views of the Rangeley Lakes Region.

The Museum Bookstore
Visitors to the Wilhelm Reich Museum are encouraged to visit the Museum Bookstore, where copies of all of Reich's published works are available for sale. Also available are gift items and reproductions of some of his artwork. You can also purchase items from the bookstore through our online bookstore.

Three cloudbusters are on display at the museum: the original prototype and two later models (this one near his tomb, and another inside of the observatory).

Reich's Tomb Flanked by Cloudbuster
Dr. Reich's remains are interred at Orgonon. The tomb is a short walk from the Orgone Energy Observatory and sits next to one of Dr. Reich's cloudbusters.

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