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The Murder of ChristThe Murder of Christ

Paperback $20.00

Original Publication: Orgone Institute Press 1953

Banned from circulation by U.S. Federal Court order 1954

Burned under FDA supervision 1956 and 1960

Re-published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1966

"The social crisis we are living through is basically due to the inability of people to govern their own lives. From this inability cruel dictatorships have grown over the past thirty years, with no rational social ends at all. Serious men and women everywhere are deeply concerned with the misfortune which is threatening to extinguish our lives, our happiness, and cause disaster to our children. These men and women want blunt truth. They want blunt truth about people's true ways of being, acting and emotional reacting. To tell the people everywhere the full truth about themselves means paying respect to their social responsibilities."

       Wilhelm Reich, M.D.
       (from the Introduction)

In this profound and moving work, physician and scientist Wilhelm Reich captures the meaning of Christ's life and reveals the hidden, universal scourge that caused his agonizing death--The Emotional Plague of Mankind. Reich contends that man is faced with full responsibility for the murder of Christ all through the ages--for the murder of fellow human beings, no matter what the circumstances. Here is the blunt truth about people's true ways of being, acting, and emotionally reacting.

Here, also, the lesson of the murder of Christ is applied to the contemporary social scene. The tragedy of Reich's own death points up the fact that the problems presented in The Murder of Christ are acute problems of present-day society.

Read an excerpt [PDF]

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