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Wilhelm Reich Museum

Research Journals & Bulletins

The Museum sells the widest assortment of Reich’s published writings available anywhere. For those who are curious or just learning about Reich and may need some assistance in choosing materials, please take a look at our Museum Recommendations.

Wilhelm Reich’s published research journals and bulletins, from 1942 to the 1950s, were among the publications that were banned in 1954 by order of a U.S. Federal Court, and burned in 1956 and 1960 under FDA supervision. This included the International Journal of Sex-Economy and Orgone Research (Volumes 1-4), also known as the IJSO, the Annals of the Orgone Institute (Numbers 1-2), Orgone Energy Bulletin (Volumes 1-5), and The Oranur Experiment.

Reich’s last research bulletins, Cosmic Orgone Engineering (CORE), were published in 1954 and 1955 after the 1954 Decree of Injunction that ordered Reich’s literature to be banned and destroyed; consequently these materials were not specifically enumerated in the Injunction to be banned and destroyed.

But until 2006 all of these research journals and bulletins were publicly available only on microfilm through our Museum Bookstore, or as original editions in a handful of college and university libraries, or as original editions occasionally showing up for sale from used-and-rare booksellers or on eBay.

Starting in May 2006, The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust began selling bound-Xerox reprints of these journals and bulletins in the Museum Bookstore. These publications, comprise over 2000 pages of unique primary sources that provide the reader with an historic appreciation of the development of Reich’s work in America and of the contributions of his students and colleagues in Europe and America. These journals and bulletins also offer a fascinating look at the organizational details and activities of The Orgone Institute and The Wilhelm Reich Foundation.

We also call your attention to a six-volume journal entitled Orgonomic Functionalism, that The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust began publishing in early 1990. It was intended as a bi-annual periodical devoted to previously unpublished material by Reich, as well as key selections from his books, research journals and bulletins.

All five journal and bulletin titles are available as bound-Xerox reprints:

Annals of the Orgone Institute


International Journal of Sex-Economy and Orgone Research

Orgone Energy Bulletin

Orgonomic Functionalism

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