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The Einstein Affair

Bound photocopy $ 26.95

On December 30, 1940, Reich wrote a letter to Albert Einstein in Princeton, New Jersey, asking to meet with him to discuss a difficult and urgent scientific matter, i.e. the discovery of a "specific biologically effective energy which behaves in many respects differently as all that is known about electro-magnetic energy." Two weeks later, on the afternoon of January 13, 1941, Reich met with Einstein in Princeton for approximately four hours. Einstein was sufficiently intrigued by Reich’s discussion of a temperature difference phenomenon in the orgone energy accumulator that he agreed to investigate this anomaly. During the next two weeks, Reich prepared an experimental apparatus for Einstein to study. And on February 1st, Reich visited Einstein a second time to deliver this apparatus, which they studied together. Einstein requested that Reich leave it with him for a couple of weeks, so he could investigate it further.

This publication comprises a collection of the protocols, correspondence and experimental documentation involved in the Reich-Einstein interaction. Those interested in this fascinating chapter of Reich's scientific research are advised to also read the pertinent entries in Reich's personal journals which are collected in American Odyssey – Letters and Journals (1940-1947).

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