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Bound photocopy (two volumes): $ 50.00
Also available individually. See above the Table of Contents for each individual issue (listed below).

In 1954 and 1955, Reich published two volumes of his follow-up to the Orgone Energy Bulletin entitled CORE (Cosmic Orgone Engineering), comprising a total of 344 pages. On the inside cover of each volume, Reich included the following note:

"CORE (Cosmic Orgone Engineering) continues the function of its predecessor, the Orgone Energy Bulletin (vols. I-V, 1949-1953). CORE is the official organ of the ORGONE INSTITUTE which is devoted to Basic Research in the Realm of the Primordial Cosmic (Pre-atomic) Energy. CORE deals, among other things, with: Pre-atomic Chemistry (Oranur Chemistry); Drought and Desert Research; Removal of DOR clouds, Rain-making and Fog-lifting with the Cloudbuster; Functional Orgonometry; and the Bioenergetics of Human Emotion as far as human character reactions are involved with the above mentioned cosmic functions."

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CORE (Cosmic Orgone Engineering)

Volume 6, Numbers 1-4 (1954)

Bound photocopy: $26.95

Volume 6 - Numbers 1-4, July 1954 (140 pages)

Introduction to OROP Desert

Expansion and Contraction in the Atmospheric OR Energy
Behavior of smoke; Nature of fog; Dispersive qualities of OR energy; Distribution of rainfall; Where does the moisture come from? Clues to answer; The ring around the sun; Seasonal expansion and contraction of OR envelope.

Spaceships and Desert Development
DOR and Melanor; Smog; Symptoms of DOR sickness; Quest for source of DOR and Melanor; Functional meaning of Melanor; Deterioration of forests; Scope of Cosmic Engineering; Clarification of the source of Melanor; Visitors from outer space; Space ships and DOR; Principle of Life on Earth challenged.

DOR Removal, Cloud-busting, Fog-Lifting
DOR clouds; Stillness and Bleakness; Disappearance of sparkle from the landscape; Human awareness of DOR; Geiger counter reactions to DOR; First DOR removal; “Cloud-busting”; Use of OR potential; The lightning rod; Destroying and creating clouds; Lifting fog; The “spiral draw”.

OROP Desert Project
Change from earthly to cosmic perspective; Danger of desert to life; Mass functions have developed from primordial energy functions; Mountains impede OR streams; Deserts can be made green; Blueprints for the fructification of deserts.

OROP Rangeley - August 1-2, 1952
DOR-affected clouds; Dissipation of clouds and absence of thunder-storms over Orgonon; Dynamics of drought clouds; Breaking drought; Functions opposing drought.

OROP Ellsworth - July 5-6, 1953
Drought broken; Failure to draw from zenith; Protocol of drawing operation; Fog front rolls in from ocean; Gentle rain falls; Reports on OROP Ellsworth; Monitoring Oranur atmosphere; Plague activities.

OROP Orgonon - July 23, 1953
Drought broken; Failure to draw from zenith; Protocol of drawing operation; Fog front rolls in from ocean; Gentle rain falls; Reports on OROP Ellsworth; Monitoring Oranur atmosphere; Plague activities.

OROP Children’s Parade - August 8-9, 1953
Request for rain-free day; Not promised—experimentation only. Problem of how to keep sky clear: Drawing from west with one tube; Rain prevented from falling over Rangeley.

OROP Boston - September 2, 1953
CORE operator a trustee only of natural functions; Severe heat in New York; Attempt to relieve cities; Weather Bureau informed; Simultaneous three-Cloudbuster draw; Protocol of OROP Boston; Storm unpredicted hits Boston; Relief from heat; Desert is inevitable result of the immobilization of OR energy; Contradictions in Weather Bureau forecasts; Foundations of Oranur Weather Control.

OROP Galactic Stream, Hancock - October 22, 1953
The Galactic OR Stream is real; DOR removal near ocean; First report of a student operator; Nothing is unimportant in Cosmic Engineering; Drawing against Galactic Stream; Rain goes toward northeast while winds come from northeast; Chain reaction storms; Drought again broken; Caution and daring needed; Gradient of dryness toward Southwest; Need to regulate Cloudbuster operations; Space ships and space problems; Outlook.

Rules to follow in Cloud Engineering
Protocols of the first 97 DOR removal operations
Documentary record on information given regarding Oranur, DOR and Weather Control


CORE (Cosmic Orgone Engineering)

Volume 7, Numbers 1-4 (1955)

Bound photocopy: $26.95

Volume 7 - Numbers 1–2, March 1955 (96 pages)

"Expedition OROP Desert Ea, I"

"DOR Sickness – A Review of Reich's Findings"
by Chester M. Raphael, M.D.

"Melanor, Orite, Brownite and Orene"
by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"Preliminary Chemical Analysis"
by Robert A. McCullough

"Antibiotics, Cloudseeding and Life Energy"
by Robert A. McCullough

"Early Diagnosis of Uterine Cancer"
from The Archives of the Orgone Institute

"Orgone Energy and Weather"
by Charles R. Kelley

"OROP Drought Atlantic Coast – Summer 1954"
by William Moise

"OROP Hurricane Edna"
from Log-book Notes

"Notes and Communications"

Volume 7 - Numbers 3-4, December 1955 (108 pages)

"The Medical DOR-Buster"
by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"Wind Flow and Orgone Flow"
by Werner and Doreen Grossmann

"Wilhelm Reich's Experiment XX"
by Bernard Grad, Ph.D.

"Rocky Road Toward Functionalism"
by Robert A. McCullough

"Table of Events, DOR-Emergency, 1954-1955"
compiled by William Steig

"Report of OROP Desert Ea Survey of Tucson Area, September 18, 1955"
by Michael Silvert, M.D.

"Plant Response to Orgone Energy"
by Maria Courie

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