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“I am well aware of the fact that the human race has known about the existence of a universal energy related to life for many ages. However, the basic task of natural science consisted of making this energy usable. This is the sole difference between my work and all preceding knowledge.”

        — Wilhelm Reich, Archives of the Orgone Institute

In the 1930s, Wilhelm Reich, M.D.—an Austrian psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and scientist—discovered a powerful, new biological energy, and for the next two decades devoted his life to the investigation of its laws and properties. Reich confirmed the existence of this energy in the human body, verified its presence in the atmosphere, developed instrumentation to observe and collect it, and harnessed it for a variety of purposes from cancer treatment to motor power to weather experimentation.

Reich called his discovery "orgone energy."

Please take a moment to read a short biography of Wilhelm Reich, M.D. A glossary of terms is also included. This glossary includes definitions for many of the concepts Reich introduced under the aegis of orgonomy. In addition, a chronology of events is also available for your perusal. This chronological timeline highlights major events in Reich's life and in the development of the science of orgonomy. Finally, we have included a list of frequency asked questions (FAQ). We have attempted to address many questions and misconceptions regarding Dr. Reich and the science of orgonomy here. If you have other questions, please direct them to wreich@rangeley.org.

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