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Annals of the Orgone Institute
Number One

Bound photocopy: $ 26.95

Reich published Annals of the Orgone Institute Number 1 in 1947. A note on the inside cover explains that "The Annals of the Orgone Institute continue the function of the International Journal of Sex-Economy and Orgone-Research published from 1942-1945. The Annals are published not in yearly volumes, but in single issues at irregular intervals."

Reich expands on this in his Introduction where he writes, "The Journal having been published in yearly volumes, we were held to certain deadlines; increasing paper shortage and other conditions in the printing business made it increasingly difficult to meet these. We also had to adhere to a certain number of pages. These mechanical requirements retricted our feeling of mobility. For this reason, the Annals will not be published in yearly volumes, but in single numbers, appearing at irregulaqr intervals and of irregular volume. The resulting flexibility in the mode of publications corresponds better with our functional way of thinking and working than the rigid form of a Journal."

Reich published Annals of the Orgone Institute Number 2 in 1948. Its sole content was the entire manuscript of Ether, God and Devil which is now available in the paperback book Ether, God and Devil / Cosmic Superimposition. (In 1949, one year after this journal ceased publication, Reich continued to publish his research in a subsequent publication called Orgone Energy Bulletin.)

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Annals of the Orgone Institute, Number 1

"Introducing the Annals of the Orgone Institute" by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"Work Democracy in Action" by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

"Armored Human Beings Versus The Healthy Child" by Felicia Saxe

"Sex-Economy and Orgone Research in Palestine" by Walter Hoppe, M.D.

"About Self-Regulation in a Healthy Child" by Ilse Ollendorff

"The Armored Teacher" by Elizabeth Tyson

"Mechanistic Thinking as the Original Sin" by R.H. Atkins

"Thoughts on the Sex Behavior of American Soldiers in the ETO" by Anthony I. Swarowsky

Our congratulations to Freud on his birthday (1936)
The expulsion of Wilhelm Reich from the International Psychoanalytic Association

A warning repeated
Some observations of children
Jerry's case
Again the common cold
A note on "specific diseases"

"IN MEMORIAM: Fritz Brupbacher 1874-1945"

The Rights of Infants (John Mann)
The Child at Home and at School (Elizabeth Tyson)
Babies are Human Beings (Elizabeth Tyson)

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